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April '13 - DynEd Kids® wins BESSIE

The ComputED Gazette recognizes DynEd® in their 19th Annual Best Educational Software Awards for achievement in Early Elementary ESL Software

Burlingame, CA - April 19, 2013 - DynEd International, Inc., a global leader in the English language learning solutions market, was recognized by The ComputED Gazette with a Best Education Software Award (BESSIE) in their 19th annual awards for the early elementary English learners course, DynEd Kids®. The BESSIE targets innovative and content-rich programs (including apps for iPad and Android) and websites that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence. Winners are selected from titles submitted by publishers worldwide.

"We are very pleased with this recognition from The ComputED Gazette," said Lance Knowles, President and Director of Courseware Development at DynEd. "DynEd Kids incorporates current research in neuroscience on how the brain learns and provides innovative exercises for 7-10 year olds that accelerate their acquisition of English."

DynEd Kids® completes a series of award-winning courses that prepare students for using English in school and for academic subjects. Core content is presented and practiced through animation-based listening and comprehension lessons, vocabulary building exercises and a variety of games to keep students engaged. The course is especially effective in developing the working-memory skills required for language chunking and automaticity, the keys to oral and written fluency.

In a series of 16 units and 64 lessons, language items appropriate for this age group are modeled, practiced, reviewed and recycled in an expanding sequence. Students build on what they have previously learned, step-by-step. The course supports efficient language learning by providing:

  • A learner-friendly cast of characters in a variety of interesting and useful situations.
  • A variety of coordinated lessons and exercises to keep students engaged.
  • An innovative, brain-based scope and sequence that aids the "bootstrapping" learning process.
  • Interactive features such as voice record/playback to promote language mastery and fluency.
  • Mastery Tests and content that automatically adjusts to student performance.

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DynEd is the world’s leading provider of English language learning software and its courseware is the most highly awarded in the field.

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