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August '14 - DynEd Unveils New Visual Identity

Burlingame, California; August 7, 2014. DynEd International, Inc. launched its new visual identity today, including an updated logo, tagline and new identity colors. This marks a significant rebranding effort that will give the company's Mobile Ecosystem strategy a solid base for the future of English learning.

The visual identity system adopts a new range of colors and designs available for use in all of DynEd's product lines, including its new line of mobile applications. "We're introducing the world to the next evolution of English learning," says Ian Adam, DynEd's CEO. "DynEd has always been an industry thought leader, and we wanted our brand to reflect that as we continue to attract a growing number of today's English learners around the globe."

The new logo employs a modern dual-color palette to highlight words that best describe the company's teaching philosophy—Dynamic Education. DynEd's new tagline "The smart way to English" also emphasizes its key competitive advantage. "DynEd's brain-based approach to language learning is vital to a student's success. Our learning system and content is the smartest and most effective way for students of all language backgrounds to acquire English fluency," said Lance Knowles, DynEd's President and Founder.

The new branding will begin staged roll-out immediately!

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