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August '14 - DynEd's new language learning Series of Apps now available

DynEd's new language learning Series of Apps now available at the App Store and Google Play™ and BlackBerry World™

"Apps with English language content students will love!" DynEd's new Conversations series apps, GE1, GE2, and GE3 are available on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices.


Burlingame, California, August 12, 2014 - DynEd International, Inc.announced today the immediate availability of its Conversations apps, the first English content apps in the DynEd™ Plus line of mobile applications. Developed to help all English students develop their listening and speaking skills, Conversations apps can also be used by DynEd Pro students to further enhance their English language learning.

With daily lessons available, Conversations offers students 18+ new material every 12 hours after a student completes their open lessons. Study Records are stored in the DynEd cloud, so students never lose their study data, even if their device is lost or stolen. Conversations allows students to go back to study previous lessons to review as often as necessary. Students can also track their progress by viewing their Listening time on DynEd's mobile website at

"Conversations apps are developed using the same brain-based learning theories at the center of DynEd's award winning courseware. Bringing what we do best to mobile devices allows us to enhance the learning experience for DynEd Pro students, and opens up our proven learning methodology to millions of students looking for a smart way to English language learning," says Ian Adam, DynEd's CEO.

The first release of the Conversations app, GE1, GE2, and GE3 is available free of charge and in several languages. Conversations apps can be downloaded at the App Store, BlackBerry World and Google Play.

Future releases in the Conversations series include GE 4, GE 5 and GE 6 apps, plus Business and Specialty English apps that will be available for purchase for iPhone, iPads, BlackBerry and Android devices.

Please visit for more Conversations apps information, including videos and screenshots.

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