How many hours of DynEd study does it take to improve one "level?"

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Improvement in language proficiency is dependent on many factors, including whether or not the learner is located in a native English speaking environment, frequency of study, quality and intensity of study, quality of classroom follow-up and teacher support, and the language level and background of the student, himself or herself (age, first language, academic experience, and familiarity with computers).  For lower level students, a 1.0 improvement on DynEd’s Placement Test typically takes approximately 100 hours of DynEd study, 20% – 30% of which is with a teacher or coach.  For higher level students, above 2.0 on DynEd’s scale, a 1.0 proficiency gain will likely take double this amount of time.  Check DynEd’s “Academic Map” for more detail and a correlation to CEFR and other internationally recognized proficiency standards.


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