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 DynEd enabled our engineers and analysts to more flexibly manage their studies as well as substantially reduce the time to reach a higher level of English. By integrating CALL with face to face classes and personalized books, their level of oral English greatly improved making it much easier for our employees to adapt to the specific business situations at Oracle Chile.

Sacha Bocic, Oracle Customer Service Director-Support, Santiago (Chile)

DynEd is very dynamic. We teachers have learned a lot from the program. It has given us new insights in teaching English to our students.

Rex Ignacio, English teacher, Inagawan High School (Philippines)

The DynEd program gave teachers the chance to focus their lessons on speaking activities which allowed students to consolidate and personalize what they were learning during their guided multimedia self-study sessions. This, along with the fact that DynEd's programs allow each student to study exactly at his/her own pace, made it possible for teachers to provide students with much greater individual attention.

Sean Cook, Head of the Department of English, Polimoda Fashion College (Italy)

We are very happy to see that we made the right choice to select DynEd, and we are very proud that we've made some contributions to its development as well.

English Teaching Group, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University's Business School (China)

This is the first time I've used computer software to learn English and it's fantastic. … The course has a lot of speaking and listening, and we all need exactly that. My progress in English is much better than before.

The British Council's Military English Support Project (MESP) Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Participant

DynEd is an excellent instrument for English language and global placement competency. This can aid in the realization of goals, both by the institutions and by the nation.

Health Sciences Students, Manila (Philippines)

The DynEd program is very popular among the students who are mostly from the Eastern region of Sri Lanka and will help them in their education to a great extent.

American Center Newsletter, USAID Project (Sri Lanka)

Unlike other programs, DynEd uses listening as the foundation for the development of other skills, and speaking as a means to practice and extend what is learned. The structure and success of the program at Prince Mohammad University's English Language Institute has given students a major step forward in English language acquisition.

English Language Institute, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (Saudi Arabia)

The benefits obtained from the use of DynEd's products far outweigh the time and effort spent on training teachers and coaching learners to correctly use the programs. The success of our English learning program is largely due to our commitment to integrate technology with instructor-led courses, creating a powerful and efficient learning method.

Jorge Neiman, Program Director, Universidad Technolgica Nacional, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

I pick a topic covered in a DynEd level each week and that gives my students an opportunity to really put the work they have done with DynEd to use…The synergy in the class is great!

Kevin Ryan, Associate Professor, Showa Woman's University English Lecturer, University of Tokyo (Japan)


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DynEd is the world’s leading provider of English language learning software and its courseware is the most highly awarded in the field.

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