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DynEd's system is just as revolutionary in the language training field as the first spreadsheets were for financial and business fields. We have only been working with your system for six months and the results are fantastic. Anyone using traditional methods for ESL training is working in the Dark Ages!!

Tim Fenton, Director - Nursing English Project, Ukraine

Through this training, I have finally felt the way to think in English. Before, I needed to think in Chinese first, then translated it into English.

Yang Guilan, Teacher of Haogezhuang School (China)

RHR is a real breakthrough in language learning theory and practice. … The deep scientific theory behind it and its practical function make it an excellent tool to improve the level of teaching English.

Vera Semenova, Methodologist, Teacher Trainer Institute, Sakha Republic (Russian Federation)

Our data over the last 4 years shows that students using this powerful combination of software and LiveEnglish tutoring achieve the Cambridge FCE in up to half the number of hours it takes by other published methods.

Maria Concepcion da Gracia, Director, LiveEnglish (Portugal)

DynEd is an incredible tool for our small district with limited resources. Students work independently at their own ability level and pace so we can meet the needs of students from multiple grade and language levels at the same time.

Dana Gray, Former EL Program Coordinator, Dixie School District (CA, USA)

DynEd has been fantastic! The software programs are a great resource for teachers and kids love it! We have seen remarkable progress in student performance for those who use the programs regularly.

Lindi Dreibelbis Arthur, Director of Assessment, Research and Consolidated Programs, La Cañada Unified School District (CA, USA)

The world's best computer-assisted English language learning program.

Turkish Airlines, Aviation Academy (Turkey)

DynEd undoubtedly represents the top product plus a fair and sound business model for all stakeholders.

Lubos Hosnedl, Country Management Partner (Czech Republic)

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for DynEd.

Zafer Ceto, Software Engineer for Hewlett-Packard and DynEd graduate

DynEd has been a great help from the outset by providing LiveEnglish not only with superb materials and training, but also great professional advice in the organization of our curriculum and programs.

Maria Concepcion da Gracia, Director, LiveEnglish (Portugal)


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DynEd is the world’s leading provider of English language learning software and its courseware is the most highly awarded in the field.

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