In the Academic II Plan, students can start out with one or two units open depending on their placement level. So, if a student got 0.0, they are placed in A1 and only unit 1 is open, because they total beginners and can’t handle more than just that material. If, on the other hand, they get 0.2, both Units 1 and 2 will open, because they have mastered a bit more of the language and can handle more material.

After that the same process occurs: 50% completion of a unit opens up the next one. The only exception is in A1 where even if the student has completed 50% of Unit 3, Unit 4 will not open automatically until they’ve passed the Mastery Test covering Units 1 and 2. Because Unit 3 will open at 50% of Unit 2, they can keep going, but they need to take the Units 1-2 Mastery Test when it opens. If they do not pass it the first time, it will automatically close and automatically reopen 7 days later. If the student passes the test, Unit 4 will open if Unit 3 is 50% completed. If the student does not pass it a second time, you, as the teacher, will need to manually open it.

Here’s an example. Unit 3 will open when the student gets to 50% of Unit 2. You’ll notice below that Mastery Test 1-2 is locked. It will open when the student has also finished Unit 2 (gets a checkmark). “Finished” means 80%; it is not necessary for them to get to 100% since the Recommended Study Time is set at 80%.