AMIO Zhucheng Teacher Training Program

Qingdao, China

DynEd China’s exclusive channel partner in Qingdao (AMIO International English Plaza) and the Zhucheng Education Bureau jointly conducted a successful one-year teacher training project for 100 middle school teachers using DynEd courses.

These were some of the challenges they faced:

  • Teachers were strong in reading and writing but weak in listening and speaking
  • Non-English-speaking teachers were teaching English because of a shortage of English teachers overall
  • The teaching methodology for English was still test-focused. This meant explaining grammar points, translating paragraphs into English and reading sentences and passages out loud. Because they were left to mimic and recite mechanically, the students could not practice their oral skills effectively.

At the start of the program, many of the teachers were afraid to speak English because they worried about their poor pronunciation and limited language skills. DynEd training staff worked closely with the AMIO trainers in monitoring each teacher’s progress in DynEd’s Records Manager. Placement Test (PT) scores for teachers increased significantly. By the end of the programs, teachers were able to participate actively and with confidence in a presentation competition.