Emilio Aguinaldo College

Manila, Philippines

A research project was conducted in the second semester of 2006-2007, involving 255 respondents, selected randomly, The study used computer-assisted document analysis, mean, frequency, and percentile rank to determine the Perceptions and Attitudes in regard to DynEd courseware among First Year Associates in Health Sciences (AHSE) students who took the program in the first semester.

Among the findings, 60-75% of respondents reported improvement in their:

  • ability to understand native speakers,
  • ability to read English,
  • oral language skills,
  • critical thinking skills,
  • self-confidence in using English, and
    global competitiveness.
  • The study recommended that the College increase the allotted study time for DynEd each week, concluding that “DynEd is an excellent instrument for English language learning and global placement competency. This can aid in the realization of goals, both by the institutions and by the nation.”

Excerpted from:

Lares, Nelida v. et al, Perception and Attitudes on the Dynamic English Program Among the First Year AHSE Students of the Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila: An Exploratory Research, Emilio Aguinaldo College Research Bulletin, Vol.5(1) 2006 p.36-44 doi: 10.3860/eacrb.v5i1.519