LiveEnglish, based in Lisbon, Portugal, has implemented a blended learning English training system built around DynEd’s core CBT solutions. Customers study independently on DynEd’s courses and consult as needed with a LiveEnglish language professional. Using the detailed study records in the DynEd Records Manager, the language tutors coach learners in the areas where they most need help.

DynEd’s networked multimedia and records management enable employees to study at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. The occasional meetings with tutors and other trainees provide crucial opportunities to practice, personalize, consolidate, and extend the learning into the industry-specific language areas trainees require. This blended learning minimizes total training time, and face-to-face employee-trainer time, significantly reducing overall training costs.

In a recent interview, LiveEnglish’s Director, Maria Concepcion da Gracia said, “Our data over the last 4 years shows that students using this powerful combination of software and LiveEnglish tutoring achieve the Cambridge FCE in up to half the number of hours it takes by other published methods.”

She added: “DynEd has been a great help from the outset by providing LiveEnglish not only with superb materials and training, but also great professional advice in the organization of our curriculum and programs. The Portuguese corporate market has been very receptive; especially organizations where time management, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and customized solutions are important issues.”