DynEd Teacher Training in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Russian Federation

Vera Semenova is a teacher training expert at the Teacher Retraining Institute of the Sakha Republic. She is currently running teacher training courses and introducing teachers to DynEd.

“I have been teaching EFL for 40 years, including training and retraining EFL teachers in the Sakha Republic for the past 29 years. About 85-90% of our students study English from grades 2-11. There are about 1200 EFL teachers in the whole area of Sakha.

“In my opinion, DynEd’s teacher training course is a masterpiece. In almost two years of DynEd teaching and training, I haven’t met a single teacher or student who hasn’t been deeply impressed by this brilliant course. Most of the trainees have started to use the DynEd courses immediately after the training. Many students, teachers and parents have already noticed how much the learners have improved their listening and speaking skills.

“RHR [DynEd’s learning theory] is the best approach available and should be a fundamental part of teacher training. Eventually it will change the whole EFL teaching situation in Sakha Republic.”

Vera Semenova

Winner of the Award for Excellence in Teaching English and American Studies
Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Russian Federation