Advanced Listening Course Overview

Advanced Listening is an award-winning course that features lectures from well-known Stanford University professors.

Aviation English Solutions Course Overview

DynEd’s Aviation English develops reliable oral English proficiency for the aviation industry.

Clear Speech Works Course Overview

Designed by speech pathology experts, Clear Speech Works is a key to clear, confident communication in English.

Dialogue Course Overview

Dialogue uses advanced content interviews as the basis for focused, advanced listening practice.

Dynamic Business English Course Overview

This time-proven course develops effective oral English language skills for interviews, meetings, planning and much more.

Dynamic Classics Course Overview

Using classic literature, this supplementary course is for early readers, LEP and ESL learners age eight and up.

DynEd Kids Course Overview


DynEd Kids builds a strong language base for primary school students who need conversational and academic English.

English by the Numbers Course Overview

This course prepares students to make presentations involving numbers, quantitative relationships and graphs.

English for Success Course Overview

English For Success is an award-winning, research-based course for students who need to use English in school.

First English Course Overview

First English is an award-winning, research-based, English language learning course for beginners.

Functioning in Business Course Overview

Functioning in Business is a video-based business English course covering a range of common business situations.

Hospitality English Course Overview

Hospitality English is an award-winning oral English course for concepts and vocabulary in the hotel and tourist industries.

Let’s Go Course Overview

Let’s Go is an award-winning, friendly and effective, 6-level course for young English language learners.

Mastery Tests Course Overview

DynEd’s Mastery Tests are computer-assisted achievement tests that evaluate student progress.

New Dynamic English Course Overview

Video, Speech Recognition and comprehensive exercises make this award-winning course engaging and productive.

Reading for Success Course Overview

DynEd’s new reading course is designed to develop academic reading skills and vocabulary for students ages 11-21.

Teacher Training Course Overview

This is a professional training course for teachers of English (ESL/EFL) who wish to blend technology into their teaching.

Test Mountain Course Overview

Test Mountain is a supplementary test preparation course for students who already have a strong foundation in English.

The Lost Secret Course Overview

The Lost Secret, from BBC English, is the best video-based, supplementary course for listening and speaking English.