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Decades of research on how the brain learns have gone into creating DynEd solutions. Our solutions adapt to student performance and adjust the content to keep students engaged and practicing at the optimum level. And now you can have that anytime, anywhere. DynEd Mobile includes 3 different product lines: DynEd Pro, DynEd Plus, DynEd Productivity and an online Portal.

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This exciting new program motivates students and leads to increased enrollment and retention. DynEd schools and training partners are authorized to issue skill-level Certificates to qualified students who complete a series of courses and tests.


Monitoring Tools

DynEd provides administrators, teachers, and students with a full range of tools to optimize learning process, simplify classroom management, and improve the overall quality of their English program.


Testing Tools

To motivate and retain students, it is crucial to place and keep them at the proper level. DynEd Testing Tools ensure that they move through each course at the optimal pace and sequence for them.


Training Approach

DynEd Training Programs ensure the most effective use of DynEd courseware. An integral element of the DynEd's success around the world is our commitment to provide both initial and ongoing support for DynEd teachers. This training orients teachers and program administrators to DynEd's unique, neuroscience-based theories of language learning and assessment.


Teacher Support

DynEd courses give students the skills and confidence to participate in communicative activities led by teachers. Each DynEd course includes extensive materials to support teachers as they integrate DynEd into their lesson plans.


About DynEd

DynEd is the world’s leading provider of English language learning software and its courseware is the most highly awarded in the field.

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