Jetstream Staffing – Nursing English Project

Jetstream Staffing – Nursing English Project

DynEd’s training partner, JetStream, has set up an English program to give nurses the English language skills needed to pass examinations for entry into the US.

Tim Fenton, Director of the Nursing English Project, reports: “DynEd’s system is just as revolutionary in the language training field as the first spreadsheets were for financial and business fields. We have only been working with your system for six months and the results are fantastic. Anyone using traditional methods for ESL training is working in the Dark Ages!!”

Showa Women’s University

Showa Women’s University

Kevin Ryan, Associate Professor at Showa Women’s University, shares some thoughts on successfully using DynEd in his lab:

“One of the ways I use New Dynamic English is by announcing to my students, a week in advance, the topic we’ll be practicing. For example, this time I announced that the topic would be Energy and pointed the students studying Level 3 to the appropriate place. The conversation the following week was more stilted than free conversation, but they were trying out new language, new structures, and new vocabulary. This was really enlightening to see.”

“Now I pick a topic covered in a DynEd level each week and that gives my students an opportunity to really put their DynEd work to use. The synergy in the class is great!”

Kevin Ryan – Associate Professor
Showa Woman’s University English Lecturer
University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Ministry of Education, French Polynesia

Ministry of Education, French Polynesia

Since 2007, the Ministry of Education in French Polynesia has successfully used Let’s Go, DynEd’s English course for young learners, in its schools. Recently this program has been extended and expanded for an additional five years. Teacher training and program support is provided through Skillsize International, DynEd’s partner in France.

Dixie Unified School District

Dana Gray, EL Program Coordinator for Dixie Unified School


“DynEd is an incredible tool for our small district with limited resources. Students work independently at their own ability level and pace so we can meet the needs of students from multiple grade and language levels at the same time.”

“Students using the program for only 15 minutes a day show a tremendous amount of progress in a very short time. Our classroom teachers are impressed with the results. Our English learners have made gains in state testing. I am confident that the use of DynEd as part of our ELD program has contributed to that growth.”

“The new Records option gives teachers instant feedback and clear, easy to read graphs that are helpful to use for parent conferences. DynEd’s tech and training support is incredible. The follow-up training allows our instructional assistants to feel very competent in using the program.”

La Cañada Unified School District

La Cañada Unified School District

La Cañada Unified School District is a high performing K-12 public school district, home to approximately 4000 students. All four schools are California Distinguished schools.

Lindi Dreibelbis Arthur, Director of Assessment, Research and Consolidated Programs, reports:

“Our EL population is small and growing rapidly. Students come to us from many different language backgrounds and it is quite difficult to find staff members who can assist them in their primary language. DynEd has been fantastic! The software programs are a great resource for teachers and kids love it! We have seen remarkable progress in student performance for those who use the programs regularly.”

“The support and follow-up from the DynEd staff is top notch. It has been a pleasure to work with representatives from the company. They are very responsive and creative which made the installation implementation of the DynEd programs very smooth.”

“We also offered the use of the software programs to adults in our community to improve their English. DynEd is not only an excellent tool for our students, but also a valuable asset for our community as a whole.”

Milton-Freewater School District

Milton-Freewater School District

This is a six-school district in northeast Oregon serving two thousand students. DynEd’s K-12 series is installed in all six schools. They first installed at the end of 2006, including DynEd teacher training, and have continued to use the program with success.

Live Oak School District


This is a medium-size school district. They have installed DynEd district-wide, at elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, and have received DynEd teacher training. The program appears to be doing well. The younger students use Let’s Go! and their older students use First English and English For Success.

Troy University

Troy University

Troy University is a four-campus private university in southern Alabama. Since 2007, Troy’s American English Group has provided ESL instruction to their foreign students using DynEd’s Business English Series courses. The main course is New Dynamic English, supported by business courses, such as Dynamic Business English, Functioning in Business, and English by the Numbers. They also use advanced-level courses like Advanced Listening.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University

Michigan State is a major research university, with a large foreign student population. Their English Language Center allows foreign students to receive intensive English instruction to prepare for regular courses at MSU. Students come from all over the world, especially Asia and the Middle East. They began to use DynEd in early 2007 with a pilot program. They now use New Dynamic English and other Business English series courses.

The MSU program uses DynEd at all levels to increase oral fluency while developing the academic English reading and writing skills. Michigan State delivers the blended approach – where classroom activities personalize and extend DynEd content from the software. This approach is supported by DynEd’s comprehensive Teacher Guides and Extension Activities.

Marumsco Hills Elementary

Marumsco Hills Elementary

This K-5 school of 700+ students installed DynEd in early 2006, received DynEd’s teacher training, and has continued to use DynEd with success. Their younger students work with Let’s Go, and their upper elementary school students like the pairing of First English and English for Success.

Bahçelievler Nebahat Keskin Elementary School

Bahçelievler Nebahat Keskin Elementary School

Plans are now underway for the integration of DynEd programs into schools throughout Turkey.

Among the results to date:

  • 83.7% of the students said their motivation often or always increased with DynEd,
  • 92.9% said they felt lucky to work on DynEd programs,
  • 82.7% said DynEd enabled them to use their senses (sight, hearing, etc.) more actively, and,
  • 85% said their vocabulary was increasing with DynEd.

In comparison, only 14.3% of the students said they want to study English in a classroom (without DynEd).

Universidad Tecnologica Nacional

Universidad Tecnologica Nacional

Since 2003, this University has built a successful extension program around DynEd programs. In a highly competitive market, they positioned their program as a novel English learning method.

Most of their students use the language lab on a self-access basis, either before or after class, or any other day of the week. Students with busy schedules can also study at home with a home study version for a small additional fee.

Jorge Neiman, Program Director, reports: “The benefits obtained from the use of DynEd’s products far outweigh the time and effort spent on training teachers and coaching learners to correctly use the programs. The success of our English learning program is largely due to our commitment to integrate technology with instructor-led courses, creating a powerful and efficient learning method.”

Aviation English Training

Aviation English Training

Clients for DynEd’s Aviation English program include:

  • Air Astana
  • Air China
  • Air China Cargo
  • Airbus China
  • Beihang Flight College
  • Boeing Shanghai
  • CAE
  • China Eastern
  • China Southern
  • Civil Aviation Authority of China
  • Civil Aviation Management Institute of China
  • Colombian Air Force
  • Edgewater College
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Horizon Flight Academy
  • Korean Air
  • NouvelAi
  • NUAA
  • Transpac Aviation Academy (US)
  • Tunisian Air
  • Vietnam Airlines

DynEd aviation students pass these examinations:

  • PEPEC (China)
  • RELTA (China)
  • TEA (U.K.)
  • TELLCAP (Russia)
  • TELPA (Korea)
  • TOEFA (Canada)

Polimoda Fashion College

Polimoda Fashion College

Polimoda needed to provide an effective blended learning solution for its tailor-made English courses for Manpower (Italy), a multinational world leader in innovative workforce solutions. Manpower required a two-week intensive English course of 50 to 60 hours leading to an intermediate level knowledge of English. They needed to reduce the fatigue of the course for the participants by diversifying the activities. They also wanted students to practice what they were studying for true mastery of the course contents. With fifteen participants per course, it was necessary to cut down on costs while providing individual attention.

The DynEd Business English Advantage Series allowed Polimoda to achieve these objectives.

While New Dynamic English provided the core course, other courses in the series provided variety. The combination of in-class teaching hours, regular computer lab hours, and a variety of course content relieved the fatigue students usually experience during an intensive course. Teachers focused their lessons on speaking activities, letting students consolidate and personalize the learning from their guided multimedia self-study sessions.

This tight blended learning was made possible by the well-designed Instructor’s Manuals, and DynEd’s Records Manager, which gave teachers detailed reports on student progress. DynEd’s programs allowed each student to study exactly at his/her own pace, making it possible for teachers to provide students with much greater individual attention.

Polimoda reports: “Because of all of these advantages, and DynEd’s very flexible and affordable per student subscription pricing policy, we will definitely be using these programs again in the future.”



LiveEnglish, based in Lisbon, Portugal, has implemented a blended learning English training system built around DynEd’s core CBT solutions. Customers study independently on DynEd’s courses and consult as needed with a LiveEnglish language professional. Using the detailed study records in the DynEd Records Manager, the language tutors coach learners in the areas where they most need help.

DynEd’s networked multimedia and records management enable employees to study at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. The occasional meetings with tutors and other trainees provide crucial opportunities to practice, personalize, consolidate, and extend the learning into the industry-specific language areas trainees require. This blended learning minimizes total training time, and face-to-face employee-trainer time, significantly reducing overall training costs.

In a recent interview, LiveEnglish’s Director, Maria Concepcion da Gracia said, “Our data over the last 4 years shows that students using this powerful combination of software and LiveEnglish tutoring achieve the Cambridge FCE in up to half the number of hours it takes by other published methods.”

She added: “DynEd has been a great help from the outset by providing LiveEnglish not only with superb materials and training, but also great professional advice in the organization of our curriculum and programs. The Portuguese corporate market has been very receptive; especially organizations where time management, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and customized solutions are important issues.”

Instituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (INPS)

Instituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (INPS)

DynEd and its Italian training partner, SCS Azioninnova S.p.a., were awarded a three-year contract from INPS (Instituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale), the state-body Italian Social Insurance Service, to provide English language training to 2,000 employees per year. Valued at approximately 1.7 million dollars, this 3-year project was one of the largest distance English-language training tenders in the public sector in Italian history.

Azioninnova led the project bid with a comprehensive training program built around DynEd’s award-winning interactive multimedia courses, with strong support from Azioninnova’s team of professional language teachers. DynEd’s Business English Advantage Series (BEAS), networked at over 250 sites throughout Italy, formed the core of the self-study component of the program. Students also met every few weeks in small classes held at 8 regional training centers, where teachers provided opportunities for additional oral practice, personalization, and extension lessons.

All trainees took DynEd’s computer-adaptive Placement Test to determine their language level and the best starting point within DynEd’s extensive range of programs. DynEd’s computer-based Mastery Tests provided regular confirmation of student progress. DynEd’s Records Manager program, which automatically records details of all student self-study activities, allowed trainers to monitor student progress, analyze individual learning styles, and provide professional guidance and support.

Turkish Ministry of Education

Turkish Ministry of Education

DynEd Adopted by Turkish Ministry of Education for Grades 4-8 in 2007

The Turkish Ministry of National Education signed an agreement to provide DynEd courseware for students in grades 4 to 8 nationwide. English has been identified as a national priority in Turkey, and DynEd’s blended approach was viewed as the best way to scale up to meet this critical need. DynEd reached approximately 8.0 million students in these five grades in 34,500 schools around the country. Home study for additional practice was also available as an option. The agreement included DynEd’s courses for this age group, First English and English for Success. The project continued to expand over the next six years toward its goal of reaching as many of the students in these five grades as have access to computers.

DynEd Adopted by Turkish Ministry of Education for Grades 4-12 in 2013

The Turkish Ministry of National Education decided to expand the DynEd project and signed a second agreement to provide DynEd courseware for students in grades 4 to 12 nationwide. The licenses covered approximately 13 million students in these 9 grades in 48,000 schools. The agreement included DynEd’s First English and English for Success courses, the Placement Test, and the Teacher Training Course.



Since the fall of 2002, AMIDEAST/Tunisia has offered ELT distance learning using DynEd software. AMIDEAST’s English Language Program enrolls approximately 1,000 students in each of the 40-48 hour public sessions, which are geared toward adults and university students. AMIDEAST also develops tailored courses for a growing number of contractors who require special ELT sessions for their employees. These include the Tunisian Airports Authority, the Merchant Marine, several ministries, numerous banks, and many other public and private sector groups.

DynEd Teacher Training in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

DynEd Teacher Training in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Russian Federation

Vera Semenova is a teacher training expert at the Teacher Retraining Institute of the Sakha Republic. She is currently running teacher training courses and introducing teachers to DynEd.

“I have been teaching EFL for 40 years, including training and retraining EFL teachers in the Sakha Republic for the past 29 years. About 85-90% of our students study English from grades 2-11. There are about 1200 EFL teachers in the whole area of Sakha.

“In my opinion, DynEd’s teacher training course is a masterpiece. In almost two years of DynEd teaching and training, I haven’t met a single teacher or student who hasn’t been deeply impressed by this brilliant course. Most of the trainees have started to use the DynEd courses immediately after the training. Many students, teachers and parents have already noticed how much the learners have improved their listening and speaking skills.

“RHR [DynEd’s learning theory] is the best approach available and should be a fundamental part of teacher training. Eventually it will change the whole EFL teaching situation in Sakha Republic.”

Vera Semenova

Winner of the Award for Excellence in Teaching English and American Studies
Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Russian Federation

English Language Institute, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University

English Language Institute, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University
Saudi Arabia

Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University appreciates DynEd’s focus on oral language skills: “Unlike other programs, DynEd uses listening as the foundation for the development of other skills, and speaking as a means to practice and extend what is learned. Integral teacher-facilitated classes further extend the DynEd program, allowing students to interact with both the teacher and other students in a more natural environment, developing their English language skills even further. The structure and success of the program at Prince Mohammad University’s English Language Institute has given students a major step forward in English language acquisition.”

Speech: Teacher-Training Project, with support by the Pilipinas Shell Foundation


The Specialized English Enhancement Course for High School and Elementary Teachers (SPEECH) was first introduced in 2005, with support from the Pilipinas Shell Foundation (PSFI). This program seeks to improve the English proficiency of elementary and high school students by enhancing the English skills of their teachers. SPEECH uses DynEd “to help participants learning English at a pace that is based on individual learning curves and performance. The DynEd courseware enhances the participants’ English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.”

Following the success of the pilot run in Pandacan, SPEECH was replicated in other school districts throughout the country. Each SPEECH lab is equipped with 20 computers installed with DynEd courseware. To date, SPEECH has served over 600 public school teachers, school administrators, and government employees.

PSFI Executive Director Edgardo Veron Cruz notes: “I’ve been told by the teachers that they’ve not only learned the contents of the SPEECH program but have adopted the learning methodology of the DynEd courseware for their own classroom teaching as well.”

USAID Project

USAID Project
Sri Lanka

The English-Computer Based Learning Project (E-CBL) designated 8 training sites around the country, working with 150 instructors and technical staff members, to introduce DynEd courses and learning methodologies. The project proceeded in 3 stages:

  • First, an initial technical audit, and training of technical staff and software installation;
  • Second, DynEd conducted a 5-day teacher training course at each site;
  • Third, a 1-day refresher training visit to the 6 successful sites by the project coordinator.

Teachers used the program initially, and then introduced it to their students (over 1,000) in the weeks that followed. The teachers used DynEd’s Records Manager to monitor student progress.

Teachers and students have embraced the program. The sites are adding users and asking for additional DynEd courses. The interest in English language improvement in Sri Lanka is clear, even in the remote sectors of the country.

For this project, DynEd received a rating of Excellent, with this comment: “There are no quality issues, and the Contractor has substantially exceeded the contract performance requirements without commensurate additional costs to the Government.”

Emilio Aguinaldo College

Emilio Aguinaldo College
Manila, Philippines

A research project was conducted in the second semester of 2006-2007, involving 255 respondents, selected randomly, The study used computer-assisted document analysis, mean, frequency, and percentile rank to determine the Perceptions and Attitudes in regard to DynEd courseware among First Year Associates in Health Sciences (AHSE) students who took the program in the first semester.

Among the findings, 60-75% of respondents reported improvement in their:

  • ability to understand native speakers,
  • ability to read English,
  • oral language skills,
  • critical thinking skills,
  • self-confidence in using English, and global competitiveness.
  • The study recommended that the College increase the allotted study time for DynEd each week, concluding that “DynEd is an excellent instrument for English language learning and global placement competency. This can aid in the realization of goals, both by the institutions and by the nation.”

Excerpted from:

Lares, Nelida v. et al, Perception and Attitudes on the Dynamic English Program Among the First Year AHSE Students of the Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila: An Exploratory Research, Emilio Aguinaldo College Research Bulletin, Vol.5(1) 2006 p.36-44 doi: 10.3860/eacrb.v5i1.519

Peacekeeping English Project

Peacekeeping English Project
Sarajevo, Bosnia

The British Council’s Military English Support Project (MESP) adopted DynEd courseware to train peacekeeping forces in Bosnia. This blended program demonstrated how DynEd multimedia can be a cost-effective solution in areas with special needs.

An important feature of this program was the use of officer instructors in countrywide mini-centers. These officer instructors first studied in the DynEd program and then were trained in English teaching methodology. Following their training, these officers worked with beginner/elementary level students who could then continue on into larger centers for pre-intermediate to advanced English courses. One officer commented: “The course has a lot of speaking and listening, and we all need exactly that. My progress in English is much better than before.”

AMIO Zhucheng Teacher Training Program

AMIO Zhucheng Teacher Training Program
Qingdao, China

DynEd China’s exclusive channel partner in Qingdao (AMIO International English Plaza) and the Zhucheng Education Bureau jointly conducted a successful one-year teacher training project for 100 middle school teachers using DynEd courses.

These were some of the challenges they faced:

  • Teachers were strong in reading and writing but weak in listening and speaking
  • Non-English-speaking teachers were teaching English because of a shortage of English teachers overall
  • The teaching methodology for English was still test-focused. This meant explaining grammar points, translating paragraphs into English and reading sentences and passages out loud. Because they were left to mimic and recite mechanically, the students could not practice their oral skills effectively.

At the start of the program, many of the teachers were afraid to speak English because they worried about their poor pronunciation and limited language skills. DynEd training staff worked closely with the AMIO trainers in monitoring each teacher’s progress in DynEd’s Records Manager. Placement Test (PT) scores for teachers increased significantly. By the end of the programs, teachers were able to participate actively and with confidence in a presentation competition.

Peking University’s Business School

Peking University’s Business School
Beijing, China

For more than six years, MBA students at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management have participated in a semi-intensive 12-week English program run by DynEd’s training partners in China. More than 2000 students have completed the course to date. School officials report that “we are very happy to see that we made the right choice to select DynEd, and we are very proud that we’ve made some contributions to its development as well.”


Santiago, Chile
Latin America

DynEd, in conjunction with its training partner in Chile, SESA Chile, worked with Oracle Chile to increase the English language proficiency of their support staff. As Sacha Bocic, Oracle Director of Customer Service, explains: “Communication in English is fundamental for us to evolve as a global customer support center. Frequently we need to talk with Oracle employees in our support centers or with our clients all around the world.”

SESA Chile implemented a blended learning model to teach business English. The CALL component (DynEd) enabled the engineers and analysts to more flexibly manage their studies as well as substantially reduce the time to reach a higher level of English. By integrating CALL with face-to-face classes and personalized books, their level of oral English greatly improved, making it much easier for the employees to adapt to the specific business situations at Oracle Chile.

In one 3-month blended program, 12 participants used DynEd for 1.5 hours each week as the CALL component of their program. In the final assessment, all participants took the TOEIC test and received scores that averaged 100 points higher than expected.

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