To motivate and retain student attention, it is crucial to place them in an English level that is right for them.  DynEd Testing Tools ensure that your students begin learning at their current skill level and move through each course at a pace and sequence that is right for them.

DynEd’s Placement Test

DynEd’s comprehensive, computer-adaptive Placement Tests will have your students ready to start studying with DynEd courseware quickly and effectively.

Speaking Test

Measure your student’s oral proficiency without relying on expensive or subjective native-speaker evaluators. DynEd’s state-of-the-art speech recognition technology allows for accurate student testing.

Mastery Test

You can confirm your student’s mastery of course material with DynEd’s Mastery Tests. These achievement tests will help manage student access to more advanced levels and are required for DynEd’s Certification program.

Proficiency Test

DynEd’s proficiency Test provides a reliable assessment of student fluency at your fingertips. This robust, cost-effective instrument is aligned with other commercial tests.