Aviation English

Get your flight crew on board with the English proficiency levels required by ICAO and save costs by doing it the smart way.

DynEd’sAviation English reduces the time it takes to get your international pilots fluent, regardless of their native language. You’ll save thousands by having your trainees pass their English proficiency exams at the same time or before they get their commercial licenses. Visit Success Stories.

Your crew can study anytime, anywhere, using mobile or desktop devices, with or without  Internet connection. Contact our Aviation English staff directly to discover how DynEd can improve your in-flight service satisfaction and enhance communications between your multilingual cabin and flight crews.
Watch DynEd’s Aviation English video.

Hospitality English

Impress your English-speaking guests with a fluent and efficient staff at their first encounter.

Your staff in all hospitality areas will help you create a customer service experience your guests will never forget.

Regardless of their skill level, everyone from your Room Service staff to your Guest Relations Specialist will find it’s easy and efficient to gain English fluency with DynEd. You’ll also be impressed with how we do it and how affordably we make DynEd work for you.

Online Solutions

For more on how you can support your students’ foundational English development needs with a completely mobile solution, visit our Mobility Solutions.

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