Young adult English proficiency, faster than anyone else. 

So many students, so little time. Together we will guide your students’ paths to fluency and prepare them for our highly competitive and challenging global economy. With English content that is immediately useful at your institution, DynEd will help your students develop confidence in their English skills for a lifetime.

Your students will gain English skills quickly and effectively, while they engage in the curriculum that leads to their chosen career. By closely following their individualized Study Paths, they will add the much sought-after skill – English fluency – to their Curriculum Vitae, opening up a world of opportunities when they graduate.

Every step is monitored and guided.  We optimize the learning process.  And by closely following individualized Study Paths, students learn how to learn and how to practice more effectively.

Online Solutions

For fully mobile online solutions for Secondary schools, visit our neoPrep+ solution.

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