DynEd courses give students the skills and confidence to participate in speaking activities led by teachers. Each DynEd level course includes extensive support materials to help you integrate DynEd into your lesson plans. When you log in to our Teacher’s Resources page, you will find:

Teacher’s Guides

Provide a comprehensive overview of the language and content of each level course, allowing you to blend classroom instruction with DynEd learning. The Guides also include written exercises that you can print and use in the classroom to reinforce course content.  Each level course also includes a workbook with additional exercises.

Scope and Sequences

DynEd’s unique approach to language sequencing is detailed in a Scope and Sequence for every level.

Extension Activities

Your lessons come alive with DynEd’s Classroom Extension Activities. These tutor-led activities allow students to extend and personalize the language they have learned in the courseware.
Our Teacher Resources page is also where you find training videos, posters, motivational stickers, and everything you need to make your experience with DynEd an enriching one for both you and your students.