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With more than 30 years of experience, DynEd’s solutions are built on award-winning success.

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With its brain-based learning theory, DynEd’s solutions take learning to a new level, generating faster results.

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With its unique learning and data management systems, DynEd guides both teachers and learners at every step.

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Kids stay engaged and motivated learning English with DynEd’s award winning interactive solutions!

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Students get the confidence they need to excel in school and to prepare for University.

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Higher Education

Students from basic to advanced gain English fluency quickly and naturally with DynEd’s unique approach.

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Business & Vocational

Professionals build the English language skills they need to stay competitive in the workplace.

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Recent News

  • DynEd, the English language learning system of choice for all 39 CONALEP campuses.
    Learners in Mexico continue to study English uninterrupted amid pandemic. SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, October 8, 2020.DynEd International announced today the continuation of its English language training efforts with Educational Technology Consulting (ETC Iberoamérica) and the Colegio Nacional de […]
  • DynEd India Announces name change
    DynEd India announces its name change to nexgen neo India effective as of September 1, 2019. The DynEd company has used the name “DynEd India” for more than three years, achieving company and product recognition with English Language Learners in India. The neo mobile version of DynEd courseware is […]

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