With neo, learners can study with a comprehensive and fully mobile solution! Based on our big data from more than 25 million learners globally, neo can help students set and achieve fluency goals without ever leaving their home, office, or campus. Thanks to neo’s Artificial intelligence (AI) and speech-recognition technology,  neo delivers learners with the English Fluency results they have always wanted–Guaranteed.

neo Solutions are available for learners 11 years old and older.

The neo Ecosystem:


neo eTest

Learners can take our Placement Test on our cloud-based testing platform and can begin to study in minutes.

neo Study App

 Learners study at their own pace and at the skill level that is right for them. They earn certificates as they meet each CEFR-level requirement.


To help accelerate their progress towards fluency, learners meet online with a native speaker or bilingual coach for one-to-one coaching sessions every two weeks.

myneo Productivity App

The myneo Productivity App helps learners stay focused on their English language goals by keeping all their neo-related information in one place.

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neo+ is a great tool for learners in a university or business environment.

neoPrep+ is designed for academic learners.