DynEd’s Teacher Training Program ensures the most effective use of DynEd courseware. An integral element of DynEd’s success around the world is our commitment to provide both initial and ongoing support for DynEd teachers. Our training guides teachers and program administrators to DynEd’s unique, neuroscience-based theories of language learning and assessment.

DynEd’s Certified Teacher Academic Plan Course (DCT)

This online course introduces DynEd Pro teachers and administrators to the tools they need to implement DynEd’s Academic Certification Plan effectively. In addition to introducing the program, this course provides an in-depth look at DynEd’s Placement Test and shows trainees how to monitor student progress using DynEd’s award-winning Records Manager.

Delivered on DynEd’s Online Training System (DOTS) platform, which supports a wide range of reporting and administrative tools, this online course provides teachers with everything they need to successfully implement their DynEd program. The platform includes gamification features and infographics that help trainees monitor their progress throughout the course. Administrators have the ability to import lists by school or teacher name in order to give participants remote access to the course. They can also monitor trainee progress.

For more information download our DCT brochure.