With DynEd you can take advantage of a full range of tools to optimize the learning process, simplify classroom management, and improve the overall quality of your English program.

Records Manager

Simplify your class management activities and motivate your students using DynEd’s award-winning Records Manager.  The system monitors, directs, and evaluates how effectively students use their study time, and provides you with comprehensive data of learner activities, including test scores and learning paths.

DynEd Reports

Get easy-to-use reports to assess progress at the student, class, grade, school, or district level.


Assigning grades is easy with DynEd’s unique Grading Report. The report automatically generates student grades based on the goals you initially set for your English program.

Study Path

DynEd’s Study Path Manager ensures that every learner is studying at a pace and level that is right for them.  By personalizing the instruction for each learner, students remain engaged and fully motivated.

Intelligent Tutor

The Intelligent Tutor is an industry first in monitoring how effectively students study. The tool tracks and evaluates all study activities, including study frequency, time on task, and the use of important learning features such as voice record and speech recognition.

DynEd Analytics

Get an instant snapshot of how well your program is performing with this user-friendly, customizable tool.