Reaching your English goals


1. How do I get to my English goal as quickly as possible?

A: The best way to learn a skill like English is to study often for short periods of time. A successful study pattern is to study twenty minutes twice on one day, then thirty minutes on the next day. You should work to accumulate 6,000 study points every week and meet with one of our coaches at least once every 2 weeks. If you achieve these goals, we are confident that you will pass your Certification Test and receive your CEFR-aligned English Certificate in the estimated amount of time or less for each level!

2. What does CEFR mean?

A: CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is the most important global framework used to describe language ability. This standard is being used increasingly in secondary schools, universities, governments, as well as private businesses around the world.

3. How long does it take to complete a neo CEFR level?

A: If you study effectively, you should be able to complete all 11 neo+ levels in 3.5 months or less.

4. How do points help me gain my certificate in the estimated time frame?

A: Your progress is measured through our point system. You receive more points for actions that are important for language learning fluency. Although everyone is a little different, if you aim for 6,000 study points each week and meet with a coach at least twice a month, you should complete each level by the date neo estimates and you will receive your certificate. The following are some study tips that will help you earn more points as you progress:
1. Frequency: Keep your app study times under 45 minutes. More, frequent sessions are better than one long session.
2. Buttons: Use the Repeat and Record buttons to earn more points. Use the text button only when you really need it.
3. Focus: Accuracy earns more points. Answer questions correctly and speak slowly and clearly.


The neo guarantee


5. I heard neo has a results-based guarantee. How does the guarantee work?

A: nexgen has created a very robust system that is based on the study data collected from tens of millions of students all over the world. nexgen is providing you with the same tested content used by successful students over the last 30 years. Based on this data, we have created a points system that is directly related to good study habits. This makes nexgen’s neo system the only English language learning system that can guarantee results: neo guarantees that you will complete the course requirements for each CEFR level and pass the Exit Test in the estimated time or less.
To fulfill your guarantee, you only have to focus on 2 things:

1. Earn at least 6,000 study points per week (refer to question #4 to learn how study points work in helping you achieve your goal).

2. Attend at least 5 coaching sessions per CEFR plus level to open the Certification Test.

6. What happens to my guarantee if I get sick or travel remotely and am unable to study?

A: Your guarantee allows for short pauses in your study. You are allowed up to four weeks of limited points (0 to 5,999 points) per week for all certificate courses. But for the remaining weeks you must reach 6,000 points or above. If you skip some weeks, you will have to study more to catch up, and although the original date provided when you registered will no longer be in effect, the guarantee will remain active.

7. What if I take a break that is longer than four weeks?

A: Our neo guarantee requires frequent study and regular coaching. In this case, the guarantee will no longer be valid, but you have continued access to the neo Study App for 1-year from date of purchase.  You should book a coaching session as soon as you’re ready to begin studying again.  You will restart from where you left off. If you find you are failing the Certification Test you may need some refresher sessions with a neo coach.  Always keep your coach informed when you are taking a break, they will note that in your records for the next coach to see.

8. What if I fail the Certification Test?

A: To access the Certification Test you will have had to successfully pass the Mastery Tests. This means you have mastered the material for that level. But if you don’t pass the Certification Test the first time, the system provides you with 10 review lessons that you must study before you can take the Certification Test again. If you fail the Certification Test a second time, the system provides you with 30 review lessons you must study before the Certification Test opens a third and final time.
NOTE: Some people get test anxiety and have difficulty recalling information during tests. If you fail the Certification Test a third time, you will be contacted by a Master Coach for an oral online interview that will last approximately 25 minutes. The Master Coach will determine whether or not you have mastered the material for that level’s certificate. You will then be notified if and when your certificate will be issued. If you are still unable to pass the Test, you will be contacted by a neo account manager.

9. How will I receive my CEFR-aligned English Certificate?

A: After passing a level’s Certification Test, neo will automatically create your English certificate and a digital version will be emailed to you. The certificate will include your name, the photo that was taken when you purchased the program, your CEFR level, the date the level was earned and a unique ID number that will confirm that you are the certificate holder. This ID number can be verified at; you can share this link with any employer or school you like.


On-line coaching sessions


10. Where do I go to schedule or start a neo coaching session?

A: Sign in to the Myneo App to schedule a neo coaching session.
Alternatively, you can schedule your session using any device with a browser by signing in at http// .
To meet with your coach using a mobile device use Myneo for the best result.
For all other devices use the URL above and sign in.

11. How do coaches provide individual coaching that is unique to me?

A: DynEd coaches are committed to helping you achieve your goals and neo assists this process by providing coaches with individualized information on all of your study sessions. This allows your coach to focus on improvement areas every time you meet, even if you change coaches between study sessions. For example, your coach can see how often you studied in the last 2 weeks and how well you are doing on speech-recognition sentences and comprehension questions. This means that they can advise you on how best to improve your study habits in order to get you to your goal more quickly.

12. What do the stars under a coach’s name mean?

A: After each session, learners are asked to rate their coaching session experience on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. neo LIVE displays the average rating under the coaches’ names to assist you in choosing the coach that is right for you.

13. What is the difference between a bilingual and a native speaker coach?

A: All our coaches have to pass English tests and complete a rigorous training program. Our bilingual coaches speak and write English fluently, although their native language is not English. Native speaker coaches’ first language is English.

14. How do I use my coaching tokens?

A: Coaching sessions have different token values. To reserve a session, choose the coach that is most appropriate for you. For some sessions you may want a bilingual coach for two tokens; at other times you may prefer a native coach for four tokens. When you schedule or book a session, tokens are moved to ‘escrow’ where they remain until the booked session is completed. It is considered complete when both you and the coach are connected on the neo LIVE system.

15. Why does coaching have to be every at least 2 weeks?

A: Coaches need to meet with you on a regular basis in order to give you feedback on your progress. You will also practice and demonstrate your acquired English ability with your coach. If you meet with them less frequently, it makes it more difficult for your coach to give you timely advice on your English study, making it less likely that you meet your goals and keep your guarantee.

16. What happens if I arrive late to my scheduled coaching session?

A: You can join your session at any time during the session’s 25 minutes; your coach will be waiting for you.

17. Can I reschedule a coaching session?

A: Yes, you can reschedule a coaching session up to 24 hours before the time of the session. Go into your LIVE coaching interface and look for the ‘Reschedule’ option on the dashboard. Tokens remain in escrow and you must reschedule a new session 24 hours before the booked session.

18. When are tokens refunded?

A: If your coach fails to connect to your scheduled session or is more than 5 minutes late, neo holds your session’s tokens and you can rebook another session with a coach of your choosing.

19. When are tokens not refunded?

A: Tokens are paid to the coach when you arrive late or if you don’t attend a scheduled coaching session. You do not receive a refund. Tokens are also not refunded if the connection between you and your coach fails. Our coaches work from centers with high-quality, redundant broadband connectivity, so we don’t expect Internet failures from the coach. We suggest you log on from a location that has a good Internet connection for all of your coaching sessions.

neo’s Artificial Intelligence


20. How does neo use artificial intelligence (AI) to help me learn faster and retain what I learn longer?

A: neo’s advanced artificial intelligence technology is constantly analyzing your study efforts. It uses this information to make decisions regarding your course study within the neo Study App. It also helps you improve your pronunciation through adaptive Speech Recognition exercises, awards you points and guides you and your coach through every step of your journey.


Tech support


21. How can I access tech support?

A: Tech support is available in the neo Study App as well as on