Learners in Mexico continue to study English uninterrupted amid pandemic.

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, October 8, 2020.DynEd International announced today the continuation of its English language training efforts with Educational Technology Consulting (ETC Iberoamérica) and the Colegio Nacional de Educación Profesional Técnica (CONALEP) in the State of Mexico, whose mission is to train and evaluate technical professionals in order to certify their English and technical skills, and ensure they meet the requirements of Mexico’s productivity sector.

The DynEd-CONALEP State of Mexico project begun in 2019, and its continuation is significant to the more than 60,000 students, teachers and administrators in 39 different campuses who, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, are reaching their English-language certification goals in 2020. “DynEd’s online learning option and continued technical and academic support since the start of the pandemic have allowed us to continue to serve all 39 campuses without interruption,” says José Luis Mondragón Fabela, ETC Iberoamérica Director for México.

DynEd’s already comprehensive reporting system was further enhanced to eliminate any confusion during the online learning process. The system allows CONALEP directors to make timely decisions about each learner across all 39 campuses.
“So far this year, we have been able to certify 897 CONALEP students, and we expect over 19,000 students to be DynEd-certified by January 2021,” said Ian Adam, DynEd’s President and CEO. “DynEd certificates have the endorsement of CONOCER, the National Council for Standardization and Certification of Labor Competencies, and are also approved by RENEC, the National Registry of Brand Competence Standards in Mexico,” added Adam.
The correlation of DynEd’s course content to CONALEP’s new English textbook, “Passion English”, which is aligned to Mexico’s national English curriculum and the standards set forth by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), has allowed for a new form of assessment across all CONALEP campuses. This assessment is 100% aligned to the DynEd platform.

CONALEP’s General Director for CONALEP State of Mexico, Enrique Mendoza Velázquez, and the Director for the English program, ELT Norma Angélica Pérez Serna recently identified DynEd as “the best option for English learning, academic excellence, and internationally accepted English certification in Mexico.”

About ETC Iberoamérica

Educational Technology Consulting (ETC) is a Mexican company dedicated to offering organizations in Mexico and Latin America with a variety of products and services related to information and communications technologies. ETC solutions are meant to enrich the learning and teaching processes for their institutional clients. ETC Iberoamérica is a DynEd partner in Mexico.