Mobile Tools

Decades of research on how the brain learns have gone into creating DynEd solutions. Our solutions adapt to student performance and adjust the content to keep students engaged and practicing at the optimum level. And now you can have that anytime, anywhere. DynEd Mobile includes 3 different product lines: DynEd Pro, DynEd Plus, DynEd Productivity and an online Portal.

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DynEd Pro

With DynEd Pro, students have access to DynEd’s complete lineup of award-winning courses, now available on most mobile devices. Studying with DynEd is easier than ever.

DynEd Plus

DynEd Plus provides supplementary listening and language practice, based on lively conversations with a variety of interesting characters and designed for use on smartphones.

DynEd Productivity

This free App is the window into everything DynEd, including study records and support materials. It makes using DynEd easier than ever before and connects you to schools and a community of over 10 million students worldwide.

Mobile DynEd

At you can take the DynEd Plus Assessment test, track your progress with “My Records”, “Find a School” near you, check your DynEd profile…and much more!


This exciting new program motivates students and leads to increased enrollment and retention. DynEd schools and training partners are authorized to issue skill-level Certificates to qualified students who complete a series of courses and tests.

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Reliable English certification has great value for your students, whether they are heading for university or applying for a job. Providing evidence of a required proficiency level is easy with DynEd’s new English Certification Program and can give your students a goal to work toward.

Our Certificate skill levels are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Because our assessment tools have been developed from extensive experience and feedback, students can demonstrate the skill levels set forth on their DynEd Certificate with confidence.

Unlike most certification programs, the accuracy of our certificates is not based on a single test. DynEd Certification measures progress and performance across time, as students complete a series of requirements. To find out more about how your school can participate, contact your DynEd representative today.

Monitoring Tools

DynEd provides administrators, teachers, and students with a full range of tools to optimize learning process, simplify classroom management, and improve the overall quality of their English program.

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Records Manager

DynEd’s award-winning Records Manager simplifies class management and motivates learners. The system monitors, directs and evaluates how effectively students use their study time and provides full details of learner activities, including test scores and learning paths.

DynEd Reports

DynEd Reports provide simple, easy-to-use tools for assessing progress and individualizing instruction.


DynEd’s unique Grading Report simplifies assigning grades for DynEd study by automatically calculating academic grades, based on targets set by the teacher or program.

Study Path

DynEd’s Study Path Manager automatically individualizes instruction for each student, increasing student retention and ensuring that every student is studying at the optimal pace and level.

Intelligent Tutor

The Intelligent Tutor is an industry first in monitoring how effectively students study. The tool tracks and evaluates all study activities, including study frequency, time on task, and the use of important learning features such as voice record and speech recognition.

DynEd Analytics

Teachers and administrators can get an instant snapshot of how well their program is performing with this easy-to-use, customizable tool.

Testing Tools

To motivate and retain students, it is crucial to place and keep them at the proper level. DynEd Testing Tools ensure that they move through each course at the optimal pace and sequence for them.

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Placement Test

Placing students at the appropriate starting point within DynEd’s courses is quick and easy with DynEd’s computer-adaptive Placement Tests.

Speaking Test

Using state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, DynEd’s Speaking Test quickly and automatically measures student oral proficiency without the need for expensive and sometimes inconsistent native speaker raters.

Mastery Test

DynEd Mastery Tests are achievement tests designed to confirm student mastery of course material, and manage student access to more advanced levels.

Proficiency Test

This robust, cost-effective instrument provides a reliable assessment of student fluency levels and correlates well with other commercial tests.

Training Approach

DynEd Training Programs ensure the most effective use of DynEd courseware. An integral element of the DynEd’s success around the world is our commitment to provide both initial and ongoing support for DynEd teachers. This training orients teachers and program administrators to DynEd’s unique, neuroscience-based theories of language learning and assessment.

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Teacher Training Course

Teachers learn the benefits of blended instruction where deep learning and practice takes place outside the classroom, allowing for more lively and motivating activities in the classroom or with a tutor.

Teaching English: A Brain-based Approach is a professional training course for teachers of English who wish to introduce technology into their classes. DynEd’s proprietary Recursive Hierarchical Recognition is the cognitive neuroscience learning theory underlying DynEd solutions; it brings learning to a new level.

DynEd approaches language learning as a set of skills to be practiced and acquired, with students following a suitable learning path and training schedule. Ideally, DynEd study is supported by coaching and classroom activities, which allow students to extend and personalize the content they have practiced in the courses. This cost-effective blend of technology and classroom increases student motivation, builds confidence, and leads to long-term learning.

This course is also suitable for graduate teacher training programs that wish to better prepare teachers to use technology for language learning, and/or explore a groundbreaking, cognitive neuroscientific approach that is becoming more widely used.

Teacher Support

DynEd courses give students the skills and confidence to participate in communicative activities led by teachers. Each DynEd course includes extensive materials to support teachers as they integrate DynEd into their lesson plans.

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Teacher’s Guides

Instructor’s Guides provide complete overviews of the language and content of each course, allowing teachers and coaches to blend classroom instruction with DynEd learning.

The Guides also include reproducible Written Exercises to reinforce the content and language of the course. For some courses, the Written Exercises are available as separate Workbooks.

Scope and Sequences

In DynEd’s core courses, the presentation of language takes advantage of the human brain’s hierarchical memory structure and ability to recognize and manipulate patterns at a subconscious level. No other language courseware provider has developed this unique approach to language sequencing.

Extension Activities

DynEd lessons come alive when classroom or tutor-led activities have students extend and personalize the language they have studied. DynEd provides teachers with Classroom Extension Activities to accompany each DynEd lesson.