SENA partners with DynEd International to assess and certify adult English learners in Colombia’s National Training Centers

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SENA partners with DynEd International to assess and certify adult English learners in Colombia’s National Training Centers

Bogotá, Colombia March 2, 2016 Servicio Nacional Educativo de Aprendizaje (SENA) has signed a Special Cooperation Agreement (Convenio de Cooperacion Especial 407) with DynEd International to provide English testing and certification for their national Adult Education programs. Over 1.2 million trainees will take DynEd’s technology-assisted Placement Test to determine their level within SENA’s online and classroom English programs. As students complete their courses, they will take DynEd’s Proficiency Test to validate their English skills and qualify for DynEd Certificates based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

SENA, a national-level agency managed by the Colombian Government, is dedicated to the development of professional skills for the citizens of Colombia. SENA provides adult learners with classroom and online training services that develop a variety of life skills, including English fluency.

To better serve the needs of SENA’s students, a team comprised of DynEd’s Senior Director of Courseware Development and his SENA counterparts have been working together for the past 2 months to correlate DynEd’s testing instruments with SENA’s course offerings.  “The teams have been deploying the technology component required to apply DynEd Tests and issue DynEd Certificates to over a million students,” says David Tipping, DynEd’s Senior Director of Client Engagement.

Virtual Academy, one of DynEd’s dedicated representatives in Colombia, will provide technical and academic support on a regular basis. “All Proficiency testing will be administered at scheduled times during the year in selected SENA centers and under a proctored environment,” says Jose Luis Pérez de Urbina, Virtual Academy’s President.

“The market is demanding a new approach to English language development globally.  Today, DynEd has the most effective and comprehensive English Learning Ecosystem in use by millions of students on laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktops globally,” says Ian Adam, DynEd’s CEO and President. “We are happy to add a professional organization like SENA to our growing list of DynEd clients.”

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