DynEd Plus brings you 3 new GE:Conversations Apps!

GE: Conversations DynEd Plus brings you 3 new GE:Conversations Apps!

GE4, GE5, GE6 available now for purchase at the AppStore and Google Play™

BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA, (March 13, 2015): DynEd International, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of 3 all new Intermediate-level General English (GE) apps.

Packed with real world “Conversations” with listening and grammar exercises, the apps help learners develop their listening and speaking skills, whether studying on their own, or as a complement to DynEd Pro. The complete line of GE:Conversations apps now offers learners up to 40 different lessons in 12 units.

Newly-added features for all apps include:

Study Tips that help students get the most out of their lessons,

Badges that students earn which can be shared on social media,

A Contact Us section for improved support, and much more!

Students can now view their cloud-based study points inside each of the apps, and can also track their progress on DynEd’s mobile website at mobile.dyned.com and using the MyDynEd app.

“Our Mobile Team has redesigned the English language learning experience by improving our self-study component for our DynEd Pro learners,” says Ian Adam, DynEd’s CEO. “The content is valuable for anyone learning English so we have made them broadly available for language learners everywhere. Our learning apps are designed for people on the go, and with our proven methodology at their core, students will reach their language goals more efficiently,” he said.

The second release of the GE:Conversations apps includes GE4, GE5, and GE6, and is available for purchase on the AppStore and the Android marketplaces globally. We have upgraded and completely redesigned our GE1, GE2, and GE3, which are also available for free on the AppStore and Google Play Stores.

Please visit mobile.dyned.com for more mobile learning apps from DynEd. GE:Conversations apps are developed by DynEd International, the most awarded English language solution company in the world.

For more information on GE: Conversations, please contact: Public Relations DynEd International, Inc. pr@dyned.com +1 650-375-7011 x500 www.dyned.com