Certification Level Courses provide DynEd’s English learners with a goal-based learning experience

Burlingame, California June 21, 2016 DynEd International, Inc. today released a significant improvement to its English language learning software. DynEd Pro is now available with a clearly-defined Certification study path based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Starting from A1 level and progressing to C2, DynEd students are guided by an easy-to-understand interface.

The new Certification courses incorporate advanced tools that help DynEd students achieve their goals faster than with other English learning programs on the market. DynEd allows students to focus on their English certification goals from the moment they log in to the program.

DynEd has always been a leader in reimagining English language learning, and the new Certification goal-based menu screens and study path are the latest iteration in this process. “These new CEFR courses will provide students with a simplified and powerful view of the content they need to master to earn each CEFR Level certificate,” says Dr. Andrew Blasky, DynEd’s Director of Product Development.

This new suite of courses will not only help students progress through CEFR levels as they earn DynEd certificates, but it will also help English teachers around the globe work with students to accelerate their success.

“One of the reasons our Certification program has drawn so many new clients since its release in late 2015 is that DynEd has a mastery-based system with clear learning metrics, analytics and a variety of confirmation testing tools. With the new simplified custom interface, students always know where they are, and are able to track their own progress at any time using the MyDynEd mobile app,” says Ian Adam, President and CEO of DynEd International.

About DynEd

DynEd International, Inc. was founded in 1987 by a team dedicated to improving the quality of language education. The company’s blended approach combines the best of teachers and technology, and is built around a brain-based learning theory that is a breakthrough in English language learning. Now, after more than 30 years of results, DynEd has the world’s most comprehensive lineup of award-winning technology-based English Language Teaching (ELT/ESL) solutions.

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